Welcome home.

We make great places to live that you’ll be proud to call home.

Building the Right Way

Keymark has the knowledge and experience of building the right way, not the “way we have always done it”. Engineering principles and techniques are transferred from the commercial industry to your home. Our extensive knowledge of various construction techniques and practices provides your home with the utmost quality construction. 

Bang for Your Buck

We spend countless hours every year learning and understanding new products and techniques in the industry. These new products provide the homeowner with the most cost-effective products including flooring, roofing systems, masonry and cement products, and concrete. Various building techniques are utilized in order to maximize your budget by using more expensive items in critical locations and using cost-effective items for the balance of your home.

Cost of Ownership

Through our extensive knowledge of buildings and how they perform over their lifetime, we will highlight various products that may cost slightly more upfront; however, the payback in energy savings and product lifespan pays for itself in the first couple of years.


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