Oakley Corporation

5,000 Square Foot Commercial Office Building Located on Terre Haute's East Side

…Keymark constructed the Oakley Corporation office in Terre Haute, Indiana. This building was a true collaborative effort between our architect and Keymark. From the moment Keymark was selected through the end of our warranty period, we had a true partner. Keymark suggested changes that resulted in cost savings and a better building. They completed their work on time, professionally and within budget.

Our site is located adjacent to other businesses and residences. The Keymark staff not only managed our site in the best possible manner for the job, but also kept our neighbors happy. Arguably a more challenging task than the construction!

In my 15 years of property management and development experience, Keymark is among the best I have dealt with. They have the skill, intelligence, experience and ethics that you want on your side.

Jeff Perry, President

Project Details


Oakley Corporation

Contract Type

General Contractor


Keymark Development Inc.


June 2012 to November 2012

Project Location

120 S. Fruitridge Ave
Terre Haute, IN 47807