DaVita Dialysis Center

DaVita Dialysis contracted Keymark Commercial to build a Dialysis Center in Brazil, Indiana. This 7,000-square-foot facility had a host of unique requirements for construction and operation. Keymark Commercial took the challenge head-on, completing construction in just three months.

An outpatient kidney dialysis center is not an average medical office. Each day, thousands of gallons of water run through special filter systems as the kidney machines perform their life-sustaining work. For patients, the process poses the special challenges of maintaining physical comfort during a four-hour process, in addition to the concerns of basic safety and well-being. 

Clean, filtered water is crucial to the dialysis process. Keymark needed to install a reverse osmosis (R.O.) system that could handle the proper care of hundreds of patients a week. In addition, materials throughout the building needed to meet exacting, medical-grade requirements. Massive sewer upgrades, marine-grade plywood and special water-resistant baseboards were among the details required to account for the large volume of water involved in operation of the center. 

The comfort of the patients, some of whom may spend 12 hours or more a week in the center, is paramount. Dialysis patients can get chilly curing the process. Keymark installed electrical systems to support the special heated chairs, dialysis pumps and other machines. The custom interior, which includes medical casework/cabinetry, was completed in just 90 days, coordinating with national vendors fulfilling specialized needs of the center.

DaVita Dialysis now serves a large population of kidney dialysis patients in safety and security, providing a balance of the comforts of home with the precision of hospital-level care.

Project Details


Total Renal Care

Contract Type

General Contractor


Keymark Development Inc.


August 2016 to January 2017

Project Location

115 South Murphy
Brazil, IN 47834